Frames designed with computer aided Stress analysis to optimized rigidity.

Ball bearings on output and clutch shafts to increase successful cycles.

Baked on long lasting enamel finish. On most models, yellow Chromate-Coated shafts last longer than white Chromate-coated shafts.

Rotary type limit switch system. Oil impregnated steel cams (instead of plastic cams) and commercial-grade limit switches, prevent cam breakage. Conception prevents any lever breakage when limits have been exceeded during manual operation.

Lifetime tested and 100% controlled in production. All of our operators are designed and qualified on our lifetime test benches, to exceed the requirements of the industry. Quality Controls are performed on every operator at the end of the production line.


Contact Elite to arrange an on-site visit so we can assess your specific needs and provide a written quote for the appropriate system.