Multi-Point Lock Gear and Strike Plate

Single Door Safety and Security

Elite Residential only installs multipoint gear and latch closure systems with our doors. It’s a standard feature, not an upgrade as we believe it is simply the safest and most secure residential closure system available. Elite Multipoint features an integrated dead bolt and latch system that delivers 4 secure latch and lock points on every door. And unlike many other designs, our system locks with a simple turn of the key. There is no need to use lift the lever latch with one hand while turning the deadbolt key with the other.

Elite multipoint is what your family deserves, delivering safe, secure and smooth operation throughout the life of your door. It’s the only system that meets our exacting standards while delivering ease of use for years to come. All of our multipoint closure systems feature leading edge styles and finishes, including satin nickel, pewter and oil rubbed bronze, all with a variety of short and long plates and lever designs.

Sizing and Styles

Elite Residential Premium Fiberglass Entry Door Systems feature a wide range of door styles and sizes ranging from 32” to 42” in width and 6’8” to 8.0’ in height . Our most popular width is 36” which matches up with two sidelites to perfectly retrofit your existing double door opening. We strongly recommend a 36” wide entrance door as it will accommodate all of your household furniture and appliances.

Product Diagram